An archive of the work of television writer-producer Daniel Knauf


My name is Daniel Knauf. I make stuff up for a living. For those of you who don't know me or my produced work, I've included a bit about both. But if you want to skip all that stuff, there are only two amazing things you need to know about me: 

1.) I was a health insurance broker for 22 years until 2001, when I sold my first television show, CARNIVÀLE, to HBO. My debut effort won 5 Primetime Emmys out of 9 nominations and bagged 10 additional prestigious industry awards from various festivals, guilds and entertainment associations. 

2.) Since my inarguably auspicious debut, I have been commissioned by various studios, networks and major production companies to develop over a dozen television series. And not one--not a single one--has been greenlit to air.

Though the former accomplishment is rare, it is hardly unprecedented; Hollywood is, after all, the land of "overnight sensations." The latter, however, is genuinely mystifying, especially since CARNIVÀLE long ago ceased being the basis for demand of my services at steadily rising fees. 

To the contrary, my continued viability as an artist is now exclusively based on the growing body of unproduced material I've developed since.

Work no audience has seen.

At the capricious whim of the powers-that-be, fastidiously constructed worlds have been obliterated; multiple seasons of intricately plotted arcs, smashed; entire casts of unique, engaging characters, strangled in the womb, their voices heard only by the dozen or so development executives who engaged my services. 

Thus this site.

Fondly dedicated to my most deeply mourned orphans, my heretofore unseen darlings lovingly devised to stimulate your eyeballs and your earballs, to bounce around and scrimshaw the insides of your skulls, to move and delight you, and inspire wonderment of things that are not, but might have been.