An archive of the work of television writer-producer Daniel Knauf



The first script I ever had produced. Armand Assante, Elisabeth Shue and Robert Davi in a fun little mash-up of ZATOICHI and all the Sergio Leone westerns I loved as a boy. Notable only as one for Jack Black's first appearances. You can watch the HBO promo here or watch the whole thing here.


The planets aligned. Great cast and crew, impeccable production values and a prodigiously talented army of people dedicated to realizing my vision. Available in it's entirety on Amazon Prime. A taste of the show's mythology can be found here.


While CARNIVÀLE was under consideration at HBO for a series order, I got hired by the terrific Alex Gansa on this short-lived CBS series. Great cast and kinda fun. Although the DVD set is available, it is not currently being streamed on any of the major networks. But you can watch the pilot episode here.


After CARNIVÀLE wrapped, I freelance-wrote "SOMETHING WICKED," the first episode of this long-running paranormal hit that dramatized Sam and Dean Winchester's unusual backstory and set the stage for the show's mythology. You can stream it on Netflix. Season 1, Episode 18.


A misbegotten rom-com/action mash-up, this short-lived series on Fox featured the delightful Ron Livingston and Rosemary DeWitt as FBI hostage negotiators. Though the cast and crew were wonderful, the premise was fatally flawed. You can stream it on Hulu.


This NBC contemporary espionage take on DR. JEKYLL AND MR. HYDE might have worked had the only split operative been Christian Slater's character. Unfortunately, there was an entire team of splits and the show was headache-inducing in its needless complexity. It was fun working on the Paramount lot, though. You can watch the (extremely lo-res) pilot episode here.


Blood and guts and swords and sandals and studs. This show was wall-to-wall testosterone and a hoot to write. My favorite moment, an exasperated Steve DeKnight shouting, "No, Dan. Spartacus is not going to strangle Batiatus with his own intestines." You can watch it on Netflix.


Episode 3 of this short-lived NBC horror anthology series. Directed by the legendary Ronny Yu. This one is dark. Very dark. You can stream it in glorious high-def on Shudder, or in low-res here.


A really beautiful, highly original adaptation. Nuanced, sophisticated stories and characters and first rate production values from the same crew that produced DOWNTON ABBEY, featuring John Rhys Meyers and a lovely ensemble--the last thing one would expect to see on NBC. Tragically underwatched. You can stream it on Amazon Prime.


James Spader is a true gentleman and the finest actor for whom I've had the pleasure of writing monologues. Check out my episode 3.18, CAPE MAY. It's a European art film masquerading as an episode of primetime broadcast drama. It also happens to include one of my favorite scenes ever. You can stream it on Netflix.