An archive of the work of television writer-producer Daniel Knauf


I'm a rash on the Internet. If you're curious about me, you can check here. Listed below are some links to interviews and podcasts in which I've spoken about my past, my process and my body of work.

The only thing I'd like to add here is how lucky I've been, how grateful I am and how extraordinarily strange and unlikely my journey has been. Because if life has taught me one thing, it is that no one knows what will happen next. 

So if you're ever feeling blue, no matter how bad things may seem, know only this: for better or for worse, shit can change on a dime. 

And if you're not around, you'll never know how it all turns out.

Get Lit with Leza

"Daniel Knauf chats with me about the dark side of Hollywood, serial killers, being a writer in a competitive industry, The Blacklist, & why his daughters need therapy."

Nightmare Magazine

"Knauf in person is affable, articulate, and down-to-Earth, with a genuine affection for all things horror."

Van Gogh's Ear

"I was a very quiet child who delighted in illusion, whether shadows on walls or replicating monster movie makeup techniques. I was a geek."

The A.V. Club (Part 1)

"Daniel Knauf had a couple of small credits to his name—a TV movie here, a stint on Wolf Lake there—when he managed to sell the intricate Great Depression-era genre show CARNIVÁLE, to HBO."

The A.V. Club (Part 2)

"CARNIVÀLE creator Daniel Knauf recently sat down with The A.V. Club to talk through the complete run of the cult HBO series and his plan for the four seasons of the show he never got to make, due to its cancellation."

The Blacklist Exposed

"With over 100 minutes of pure awesome you will get great business advice about knowing your customer, balancing your work and family life, plus what leaders do to achieve excellence out of their teams."

Screenwriter's Utopia (Part 1)

"A career spanning three decades with some ups and downs, Daniel Knauf’s story is informative and inspirational. 'I write like a guy who is being chased by a bunch of guys with machetes,' Knauf declared."

Screenwriter's Utopia (Part 2)

"After CARNIVÀLE's cancellation, he continued his TV career writing and producing, among others, STANDOFF, MY OWN WORST ENEMY, SPARTACUS: WAR OF THE and, of course, DRACULA." 

HWA Interview

"HWA interviews Daniel Knauf at the World Horror Convention/Bram Stoker Awards in Atlanta, 2015"

Absolute Music Chat

"Everybody knows I am an avid fan of The Blacklist, and some of the scenes I revere the most were written by Daniel. One is the entire episode Cape May: a drug-induced story of pain and bereavement, centring on the leading male character Reddington."

"Aspiring writers often wonder how the pros got where they are. The truth is, everyone’s story is different, but there are some common elements: dedication, hard work and writing non-stop."

HBO: Making Carnivale

Promo: The Show Behind the Show