An archive of the work of television writer-producer Daniel Knauf


I love this show. The concept is simplicity itself: a pandemic kills 99.999% of humans on Earth. 1 is the story of Stella Carter, a very intelligent, determined, creative 16 year-old girl who happens to be the last person alive in her community of Escondido, California.

No, there are no zombies.

Likewise, there are no utilities, internet, telephones, doctors, television, EMTs, good samaritans, fresh produce, firefighters, milk and dairy products, friends, family dentists, plumbers, police...

There are, however, packs of feral dogs, escaped zoo animals and about a million ways to die miserably as the result of a single misjudgement or errant step. But more potentially lethal than all these hazards combined is the grinding, ceaseless psychological and emotional toll of loneliness.

Stella is on her own. And there is no margin for error in her world. 

Her prodigious imagination is the only weapon she has against the crushing solitude. In her mind's eye, she interacts daily with people from her past, fictional characters from books and film, celebrities and reality TV stars.

But she knows this tactic is a band-aid at best; worn brakes on a slippery slope leading to madness. It is critical she makes contact with other survivors...

... if there are any other survivors.