An archive of the work of television writer-producer Daniel Knauf


You need to read this pilot script to believe it. I turned in the outline, expecting the network to tell me to dial it back. To my astonishment, the executive ordered me to "go completely off the hook" with it. 

In retrospect, I don't think poor guy was fully aware of who he was talking to. Nevertheless, I pulled out all the stops. The pilot was batshit-crazy-pants-on-fire. Seriously.

When I turned it in, the executive called and sputtered, "We can't air this!!!"

Yeah. Heh. No shit.

A sexy, edgy, deliciously over-the-top primetime serial featuring the ruthless

machinations of a coven of latter day witches who are the true movers and shakers behind the Los Angeles media elite. 

We follow the Faustian story of a young Hollywood wife, Dorothy Mills, a

public defender, newly arrived in Los Angeles with her husband, a hot, up-and-coming screenwriter. After being accepted into an exclusive Hancock Park women's group, the Tuesday Morning Club, she inexorably slips into a moral abyss of power and corruption.

Babylon is a story about women who are practitioners of an ancient craft which enables them to manipulate outcomes and thereby exercise power over their own and other’s destinies.

The sorcery of Babylon is not the silly smoke and fireworks seen in Saturday matinees, but true, practical magic; spells as subtle as the flip of a coin.

Heads or tails?

If you can call it, you can get rich. But once you can influence the outcome, the world is your bitch.