An archive of the work of television writer-producer Daniel Knauf


In DARKFALL, planet Earth is instantaneously thrown into a chaotic age of swords and sorcery when a cataclysmic solar storm obliterates all technology and activates individuals who, due to a rare genetic mutation, have the ability to channel power from a negative magnetic atmospheric charge to breach the fabric of our dimensional plane, calling forth creatures from alternate dimensions.

These individuals are known as Summoners.

Set in Los Angeles, this "what if" urban fantasy-adventure presented a unique opportunity: to thrust contemporary characters into a traditional fantasy milieu in a recognizable but decaying post-technological world. 

Other than the few communities bordering reservoirs or a reliable source of potable water, most of L.A. has become a savage, uninhabitable wasteland. The few viable neighborhoods have been transformed into armed, fortified city-states, each with it's own political structure. 

Social orders are turned upside down. Once-valuable skillsets such as programming, manufacturing, insurance and banking are rendered irrelevant, while practical know-how becomes immeasurably precious. 

The hero, for instance, is a gardener. 

Meanwhile, activated Summoners, with no control over their power--much less a working knowledge of its craft--have opened up floodgates between dimensions, calling forth mythological creatures which have overrun sections of L.A., from Orcs in the MetroRail subways to lethally territorial fairies in Echo Park.

This one came close to a series order from the SyFy Network. Very close. 

But no cigar.