An archive of the work of television writer-producer Daniel Knauf


HONEY VICARRO started as a website I created about "The Greatest Show that Never Was." The concept oddly took on a life of its own when fans began creating their own affiliated sites dedicated to various "cast members." 

The mythology grew exponentially, including not only biographical details, but actual "found" videos and recordings.

I then packaged it as a mockumentary series based on a fictional TV show that briefly aired during the mid-60s that was subsequently "lost." Each episode would consist of a "painstakingly restored" print couched in E!-style archival footage and interviews with real-life critics, celebrities and tastemakers discussing the show's impact on their own work and the culture at large, interspersed with home movies and reminiscences of various cast and crew.

The show is a romp in which we ridicule the cult of celebrity-worship, social mores and the post-modern tendency to elevate silly, banal tripe into hip profundity. 

HONEY VICARRO was briefly on track as a go-series on the Fox Network starring Jenny McCarthy before flying spectacularly off the rails and becoming, ironically, a self-fulfilling prophesy.