An archive of the work of television writer-producer Daniel Knauf


My biggest heartbreaker. 

SLEEPERS was an attempt to bring hard-core horror to the TV screen--not cheap jump-scares or gross-outs, but the incitement of crawling dread. My goal for the show was to create something that inspired the audience to lock and double-check their windows and doors before watching. 

The series raised big, existential questions about the nature of good, evil, courage and cowardice while exploring the very fabric of quantum reality. Best of all, the fulcrum of the show was an exploration of the single most egalitarian of human superpowers: the ability to dream.

Developed in collaboration with master of horror Wes Craven and inspired by the Dream Cycle mythology of H.P. Lovecraft, SLEEPERS seemed destined for the air. Given the project's impeccable horror pedigree, my team was certain we'd be fielding multiple offers.

Alas, after over 2 years of painstaking development, we took it to markets and everyone passed. Not even a hard nibble. 


This one left a mark.