An archive of the work of television writer-producer Daniel Knauf


THE ORDER posits that Armageddon was scheduled to occur a millennium ago, and that humankind has been living on borrowed time ever since.

Prophesied in the secret Gospel of St. Peter, suppressed by papal authority since the first century AD, Pope Leo VII established The Order of St. Michael, ordained shadow-warriors—deadly, ruthless and unimpaired by fear or moral ambiguity.

The Order’s primary mission: To seek out and destroy the Anti-Christ and those that would serve to usher him into this world.

Operating for over 1,000 years under a strict veil of secrecy, The Order is the oldest, wealthiest, most powerful covert organization on the planet, with hundreds of field-operatives embedded in every significant military, intelligence gathering and law-enforcement agency--the CIA, NATO, NSA, FBI GRU, Mossad and The Pentagon.

The tip of the spear has been their vaunted Investigation and Engagement Units (IEU) seven in number, each consisting of three Exorcism and Eradication operatives. 

Stone killers in Roman collars, E&Es are to the popular concept of the stalwart but careworn Father Merrin of THE EXORCIST what Seal Team Six is to Mr. Rogers. Recruited as children, culled over years of physical and spiritual rigor, trained in occult arcana, proficient with weapons (conventional and paranormal)  and expert martial artists.

But Satan has learned a thing or two in the last millennium and a coordinated attack has, with a single swift, brutal blow, slaughtered all but one E&E Operative, Father Damien Ignatius.

The birth of the Anti-Christ is at hand, and the survival of mankind is balanced on a razor's edge as Father Damien struggles to build and train a new team.